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NGC 754



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Detailed Analysis of Nearby Bulgelike Dwarf Stars. II. Lithium Abundances
Li abundances are derived for a sample of bulgelike stars withisochronal ages of 10-11 Gyr. These stars have orbits with pericentricdistances, Rp, as small as 2-3 kpc and Zmax<1kpc. The sample comprises G and K dwarf stars in the metallicity range-0.80<=[Fe/H]<=+0.40. Few data on Li abundances in old turnoffstars (>=4.5 Gyr) within the present metallicity range are available.M67 (4.7 Gyr) and NGC 188 (6 Gyr) are the oldest studied metal-rich openclusters with late-type stars. Li abundances have also been studied fora few samples of old metal-rich field stars. In the present work, a highdispersion in Li abundances is found for bulgelike stars with allmetallicity ranges, comparable with values in M67. The role ofmetallicity and age on a Li depletion pattern is discussed. The possibleconnection between Li depletion and oxygen abundance due to atmosphericopacity effects is investigated.

Southern Galaxy Catalogue.
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Observation and Astrometry data

Right ascension:01h54m21.10s
Aparent dimensions:0.589′ × 0.537′

Catalogs and designations:
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NGC 2000.0NGC 754

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