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NGC 1203



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Are nucleated dwarf galaxies genuine ellipticals?
There are now six known dwarf elliptical galaxies outside the LocalGroup (mostly in the Virgo and Fornax clusters) that appear to containglobular-cluster systems of their own; all of them were discoveredaccidentally during surveys for other purposes. All six of these arenucleated (dE, N) dwarfs. This evidence, although quite preliminary,supports the suggestion of Ferguson and Sandage that nucleated dwarfsare 'genuine' E galaxies, generically more strongly related to largeE/S0 galaxies than are nonnucleated dwarfs of the same luminosity level.A more systematic search for globular cluster in both types of dE's isrecommended.

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Observation and Astrometry data

Right ascension:03h05m14.40s
Aparent dimensions:0.891′ × 0.741′

Catalogs and designations:
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NGC 2000.0NGC 1203

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